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#Screening 5 Saturday, October 7th 2017 / 12.30pm – 14.35pm

 Filmed entirely in British Columbia, Numinous shows you what freeskiing has to offer through Kye Petersen skiing. The local skier explores the mountain and its unstable and graceful nature. A nature that you must know if you want to dance with her safely, thus unveiling the intimate relationship that the skier has with his environment, built on respect and admiration. To accompany him in this experience, Kye is surrounded by the A team with names such as Logan Pehota, Dane Tudor, Wiley Miller, Matty Richard, Callum Petit, Chris Rubens, Pep Fujas and Ryland Bell. In picture, Numinous is 45 minutes of pure skiing, impressive lines, majestic jumps, sublime landscapes and breathtaking choreography. If you like the backcountry, heavy freeriding and beautiful shots, then take a ticket direction Numinous. 

NUMINOUS Official Trailer – A Ski Film coming Fall 2017 from Dendrite Studios on Vimeo.

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