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This is where the snow park and coaches come to you. In 2017, 40,000 people put their phones up for the Sosh Big Air, already lit up with a burning sun and bright, flashing colours.

In 2018 the audience will get involved and get a feeling for the breezy sensations of flying. With the take-off in front of the fifth floor of an Impérial Palace put in its place, and a landing pad next to the lake, the Air Bag gets a high five as a highlight, or maybe it’s a highlight of the High Five. This safe air bag is the new training must for the global freestyle elite. Why? Because landing on it is smooth for the body, slippery for the skis, and stimulating for the soul.

This no-fake-snow attraction is unique in France and will be supervised by the amazing coaches from the Oakley Team. Confirmed skiers who started out on the easy run can go on to attack the difficult run with advice and encouragement from their idols.

The dream-team will include Oystein Braaten with a gold medal around his neck – he’s only the Olympic Champion for the sport. He’ll be joined by Henrik Harlaut and Swiss Sarah Hoefflin, winner of two gold medals in slopestyle. Skis and snowboards will be on loan, so you have no excuse.