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The Völkl Playground will be in charge of the mellow run – a great way to ease into your skis. Völkl will handle everything and lend you all the equipment you need (skis, ski boots, and helmets) so you can get the full experience.volkl_playgroundGet your little list of tricks for winter ready; you’ll get a chance to safely try them out ahead of time so you can show off to your friends in December. The big fat airbag measures 50 m by 20 m and is not recommended for the under-ten crowd. Like last year, the ramp will welcome all levels and ages to the magical sensation of flying with skis on. Ecole du Ski Français monitors will even be there to give advice and tips, and the Völkl Team will be close by to sign posters and chat with visitors. And for starting-out freestylers, there will be other events, but we’re keeping that quiet. We want to surprise you.