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#Screening 13 / Sunday, October 8th 2017 / 8.30pm – 10.55pm

When you are number one and you give your spot with as much class as Tom Wallisch does, we call it the American stature? No really, guys like Tom Wallisch impose respect because sharing the stage by gathering a dream team on his side is not given to everyone. Discovered by the video contest “Superunknown” of Level 1, Mister Wallisch has made a name and is leaving a legacy. A beautiful novel woven of X Games victories, video parts whose music still resonate in our heads, bangers and icing on the cake a world record of the longest rail… Today with his production company, Tom highlights freeskiing that he loves so much and shredders he likes. From short film to feature film, it is clearly a good news. The teaser and the cast are massive . If you do not know some of the athletes, trust Tom, they are skiing in Guest List for a reason. Karl Fostvedt, Dale Talkington, Mike Hornbeck, Khai Krepela, Niklas Eriksson, Dylan Sondrup, Andy Partirdge, Lucas Wachs, Lupe Hagerty, Tim McChesney, John Ware, Colby Stevenson, Ethan Swadburg, Maggie Voisin and Tom himself are the Good Company army.



Je réserve ma place pour ce film