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#Screening 13 / Sunday, October 8th 2017 / 8.30pm – 10.55pm

No better way to end the 3-day-movie festival but with TGR new movie. After 22 years of skiing in all its forms, TGR presents Rogue Nature, a parallel between the elements, skiers and a study on the interactions that … blablabla.

Clearly watching the trailer is enough to make you want to attend the screening. Big budget film with riders wearing big ba!!s, insane cinematographic (4K), spots buried in snow,etc the guarantee of an unbelievable movie. Lots of skiing, a bit of snowboarding and lots of reasons not to miss the screening featuring Hammersmith, Dash Lone, Sammy Carlson, Johnny Collinson, Sammy Luebke, Clayton Villa, Jeremy Jones, Ian McIntosh, Nick McNutt, Tim Harrison, Elyse Saugstad, Hadley Hammer, Sean Jordan, Cam Riley, Griffin Post, Sam Smoothy, Thayne Rich and Dane Tudor. Year after years, TGR reminds us that we have to rely on them for big freeskiing art. After seeing this movie, you will want winter.


Je réserve ma place pour ce film